$89.99 USD

Summer League Crash Course 2024

For two nights (July 1st and 2nd), we will have a Summer League Crash Course for those who plan on attending NBA Summer League.

Classes will take place from 5-7p PT / 8-10p ET via video call (Zoom). Your hosts will include John Ross (Trail Blazers), Daniel Marks (Milwaukee Bucks, Howard) Bjorn Zetterberg (Magic, Trail Blazers), and Mike Visenberg (Pro Insight), along with a group of esteemed NBA-hardened guests.

After completing the course, you'll have access to the recordings at any time!

With our crash course, you will:

  • Hear stories and ask questions of NBA personnel who were in your shoes a year or two ago
  • Learn from NBA personnel what key factors they look at in deciding who they will meet
  • Answer the question: Do you have to go to Summer League to get an NBA Internship?
  • Should you pass out your resume, card, or flash drive
  • Learn where you can meet NBA personnel and how to approach them