Who We Are

Get In The Game 101 was founded to help anyone make the most of a career working in basketball. Providing opportunities is our number one goal, no matter where you are in your journey to the highest levels of the game. 


I'm John Ross

Like many of you, I grew up dreaming of working in the NBA.  But when the time came to start a real life career, I didn't know what to do.  The first thing I did was google 'NBA Jobs.'  
Once I received an opportunity to work in the NBA as a Video Coordinator for the Portland Trail Blazers, I became part of the team hiring Interns for the team.  I began to see patterns of who would get interviews and who would get hired.  And once our staff was filled, I would call other teams and was able to get those who'd applied with the Trail Blazers opportunities with other teams.  
I decided to write an article to help those who were where I was 15 years ago, googling 'NBA Jobs,' to know what practical steps they could take to get a job in the NBA.  
By creating GET IN THE GAME 101, my team and I strive to provide training, resources, and networking opportunities for you to give yourself the best chance possible at achieving your own hoop dreams.   


Get the right connections at the highest levels of basketball.


Learn about the processes and attitudes of front office members.


Helping you find opportunities at every level of the game.

Why We Do It


At GITG101, we want everyone to get the best opportunities possible to get a job at the highest levels of the game. Whether it's in the NBA, Euroleague, WNBA, or college ball, we want to be with you every step of the way.

By equipping our students with the tools, resources, and connections needed to get one step ahead of the competition, they can more effectively achieve their basketball dreams.

GITG101 has seriously been one of the most impactful experiences I've encountered in my young career. John and the gang are so insightful and supportive in my passions and just enjoy hoops talk. I don't have many folks to talk to about the sport and GITG101 has also inspired me to re-pursue my basketball career goals."

- Nicolette Rojo (Digital Content Leader at FOX Sports)

The Get in the Game 101 crew truly changed my life for the better. They provided me with the opportunity that Covid-19 took from me - experience. I was able to learn first hand from NBA/NBA G-League front office staff on topics ranging from coaching, video, scouting, basketball operations, equipment, and athletic training. Without GITG101, I would not be where I am today in my career."

- Adam Bartoshevich (Capitanes G-League Scout)

The GITG team was instrumental to me figuring out what I want to do in the basketball world. The connections I made through GITG helped me secure a role with USA Basketball for the summer of 2024. All of the things I learned also came at a very reasonable price."

- Matthew Ho (USA Basketball Reporter)

Our Roster

Each and every one of our team members has an impact on how we function. Learn more below.

John Ross

Founder and CEO

15+ seasons as Trail Blazers Video Coordinator for Front Office and Coaching Staff, USA Basketball, Pro Insight, leader of GITG101

Bjorn Zetterberg

Instructor and Data Analyst

Over 11+ years of NBA experience with Trail Blazers, Magic and as an NBA analytics consultant. Currently a Data Analyst for Mark Cuban-backed analytics start up Cerebro Sports.


Kendra Chaney

Lead Instructor

Experience with the Trail Blazers in the Health and Performance division. Expert in all things medical and physiological.

Sunny Ahluwalia

Lead Instructor

Basketball Operations Assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies, performance analyst, and NBA expert.

Jamal Gross

Lead Instructor

Former Suns, Trail Blazers, and Rockets Player Development Specialist.

Daniel Marks

Lead Instructor

Former Bucks scout and manager, Howard basketball program strategist.

Doc Martin

Lead Instructor

Former Trail Blazers scout, former G-League basketball operations director, athletic director.

Our Ambassadors

We can't do it all by ourselves. Our ambassador team helps take our game to the next level.

Alex Burns

Basketball Operations Assistant

Sports Management Major at University of Wisconsin-La Cross and GITG101 operations teammember.

Kyle Goodier

Basketball Strategy Analyst

Executive Director and Founder of the ASU Law NBA Trade Deadline Competition and has experience in the NHL, NFL, and NBA world.

Jacob Sutton

Head of Web and Graphic Design 

Owner of unlimited design agency DotMaker, author of the JSuttHoops newsletter, and expert in everything design.